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Viewers who got saved in Pakistan while watching God's View.(The identity of the viewers in Pakistan (above) has been concealed for their protection.)

Your gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and helps us keep coming into your home, and around the globe with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our number one priority at God's View is seeing  people saved, the captives set free, and equipping you to become a disciple and make other disciples of men. 

How do we do this?


  • By teaching the unadulterated Word of God. We, at God's View believe in teaching straight from the bible, and what His Word says. 

  • By having salvation calls- you will never watch a God's View without witnessing a salvation call. Because that is the most important part of our show, and therefore, we dedicate the last part of the show to specifically reaching those who need Jesus.

  • By discipling and equipping the Saints. We teach on freedom, healing, how to use the power of the Holy Spirit (just to name a few) because we want YOU to feel free, whole, and equipped to disciple and lead others to the Lord.

  • And lastly, by reaching the lost in rural areas of the world like: Pakistan, Africa and India (just to name a few).


That is why we need your help to make all of this possible. 

Unlike some shows, everyone at God's View is NOT paid and works solely as a minister-gratefully spreading the gospel around the globe.

"We believe that our reward is in heaven."

God's View is supported through the contribution of generous viewers like you.

Won't you partner with us?

Giving is easy and tax deductible, just click on the "give" button below.

We greatly appreciate your support!! 


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