The Spirit of the Lord Ministries/God's View TV Show

The Spirit of the Lord Ministries is dedicated to speaking the truth in love to bring salvation, deliverance, restoration,and healing to the Body of Christ. It is an International traveling ministry bringing fresh fire of revival to the hearts of God's  people. God has [laced a strong anointing on this ministry to bring an accurate word in season that will bring you " Out of the Old and into the New. Signs, wonders, and miracles follow those who believe. Andrew and Charlene believe, therefore signs, wonders, and miracles are daily manifestations in the ministry wherever they go.

Charlene has ministered in Japan, Africa, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, and many other places. Charlene's heart is to come with a message that is not through persuasive or enticing words.....but with the demonstration of the Spirit's power. She preaches the gospel to help people to be strong in the Lord, bringing wholeness and the missing pieces of the puzzle together in their lives. As she speaks the word, the Holy Spirit can touch people's hearts to melt the pride. In this way they will no longer want to be in charge of their own lives, but desire and allow God to do so, thus producing serving hearts.

Charlene is known as a preacher who will teach you the Word and stir you up " to do what it says" Charlene moves in submission to the Holy Spirit in the out pouring and use of all the gifts evident through Him. A prophetic mantel rest upon her life as she boldly moves in prophecy. 

Charlene and her husband of over 40 years, (Andrew), received the Lord in 1984 as they walked fort together at a crusade after hearing that there was a healing Savior ready to heal and save them both. They have on  married son ant two grandchildren Teghan Hannah, and Bricen Andrew.The Ministry home base is in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Andrew and Charlene have served the Body of Christ in many different capacities

  • Built from ground up Television Network

  • Executive producer and Host of God's View TV Shows-(a talk show)

  • Leader of Women's Praise and Worship Team

  • Prison Ministry

  • Conference Coordinator and Conference Host and Speaker

  • Altar Ministry Leader

  • Conference Speaker

  • Director of Women's Ministry

  • Director of Intercessor Prayer Groups

  • Hospital Ministry

  • Author

Charlene's heart is yielded to the Lord to be used, but she couldn't do it without the backbone of the ministry, her husband Andrew, His expertise in organizational skills and technology make him a vital part of


that she does.

While in prayer one day God spoke to Charlene to build a TV Network with a live production studio. It was a huge shock, to say the least!  Charlene and Andy (Charlene's husband) obeyed the Lord.. God's View TV Show was then birthed.  All of the ladies had hosted for a very large Christian Network for years prior to this, but Andy and Charlene  had no idea how to build a TV station from scratch.  But they knew that God does not always call the equipped, but He equips those that are willing when He calls.  Prior to this Andrew and Charlene were serving God through The Spirit of the Lord Ministries and traveling when invited in the USA and internationally for years.

God spoke to Charlene through a vision and word for God’s View TV Show and how it would look and what women of God to bring on as Co Host.  He was very clear about the name being called God's View.... which has been a primary focus of much of what the station puts its time into because of the great response of people’s lives being changed with confirmation through the 24 hour prayer lines.

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