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God's View transcends the realm of conventional television programming; it stands as an anointed and powerful manifestation, guided by the Holy Spirit. With cutting-edge topics and insightful guests divinely appointed for such a pivotal era, the program aims to inspire each viewer to fulfill the divine purpose for which God sacrificed. 

The hosts embody qualities of boldness, astuteness, brilliance, shrewdness, and, above all, are vessels filled with the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.

The continual occurrences of salvations, healings, signs, wonders, and miracles serve as perpetual affirmations on the prayer lines, testifying to the divine work that God is orchestrating through this ministry, established in 2007, impacting lives globally in profound ways. We approach each testimony of transformed lives with humility and a deep sense of honor.

Truly, our cups overflow with gratitude for the divine abundance bestowed upon us.

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God has a view- and He has a view for YOU!